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Heading back to school? Look fly on the first day with this laid back outfit. Make sure you got the dope accessories so your suavé doesn’t just end at your appearance. Get the look at!

1. Old Skool II Backpack by Vans

2. Johnson Low Linen Sneakers by The Hundreds

3. Chaos Tropic Tank by 10.Deep

4. Excerpt Chino Slim Fit Pants by Vans

5. California Native Snapback Hat by Vans

6. Division Mary Jane iPhone 5 Case by 10.Deep

7. Adam Bomb Die-Cut Rug by The Hundreds


Red | White | Blue

Independence Day is nearly upon us, and that means it’s time to dress in Americana red, white and blues! Whether you’re going to a BBQ, the beach, or just lounging in front of the TV the whole day, your outfit should feel fun and relaxed.  Here are a few ideas for your 4th of July celebratory outfits:


The Denim Junkie! For all you dudes out there that just can’t satisfy your jean fix, you have come to the right place. Don your favorite denim on top & bottom to stay comfy and look fresh all day. Get the look at!

1. Faded Light Wash Denim Jacket by PRPS

2. S/S Metallic Foil Diamond Tee by Billionaire Boys Club

3. Baracuda Wave Straight Fit Jean by PRPS

4. Tact Web Belt by The Hundreds

5. Polka Crew 3-Pair Pack Socks by Vans

6. Leather Hightop w/ Patent Leather Trim by John Galliano


Here’s a loud and fresh outfit to let people know that you’re in the haus! Although there’s a lot of colors and patterns going on, the ensemble is still cohesive while serving personality. Get the look on!

1. Player Snapback Cap by The Hundreds

2. Signature J.G. Leather/Suede Sneakers by John Galliano

3. Spectrum Logo Tee by Billionaire Boys Club

4. Ombre Jeans by Billionaire Boys Club

5. Unisex Royal vs Leopard Athletic Jacket by Joyrich

6. GD-100 Series by G-Shock


The holiday season is in full force and DJPremium has your perfect New Years outfits.

Ladies, snag that perfect midnight kiss in these shiny dresses, bags with bling and soft velvet jeans.

Guys, it’s time to pick up that plaid flannel shirt you’ve been eyeing along with new boots and coats now that the weather is chilly.

Check out all of our festive Party swag at

What is your favorite part of New Years Eve?



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