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1. Large Logos

That 90′s trend of wearing big, bold designer logos across your chest is back. But this time it’s not so much about showing off how much cash you spent on your outfit, it’s more a pledge of allegiance to the brands and designers you love. Declare your deep devotion with these looks:

2. White Sneakers

Sneakers in white are all over the runways both in stark, minimalist styles and embellished with metal hardware. The best thing is that they aren’t just being worn with jeans or sporty joggers, you can now pair them with flannel suits or dress pants as these designers did on their runway shows:

Click on any of these sneaks for a peep at our white sneaker assortment on

3. Athletic Apparel Upgrade

Yes, we’ve seen the athletic apparel trend for a couple years now. But this time, the fields covered are wider, no pun intended. It’s not only about basketball and baseball jerseys anymore. Brands have diversified to sports like auto-racing, boxing, water-sports, and even hunting! Here are some looks from 10Deep and IUTER available on Are you game?

4. Long Coats

This season, size does matter. For coats….the bigger, the wider, the longer, the better.  Shop the Jackets & Coats section on for these General Idea, Nudie Jeans, and PLAC coats:


Nudie Jeans Raw Denim

At we love DENIM! And we love Nudie Jeans, a brand committed to denim as a lifestyle. Try a pair of Nudie’s dry denim, and see how they mold to your individual shape. The longer you wear your jeans, the more character and attitude they will acquire.

Nudie Jeans 100% Organic Cotton Denim

Want to go green? Nudie Jeans Fall 2012 denim is 100% organic. Everything from the denim to pocket linings, rivets, zippers are all raw materials. Look good in the Nudies, and feel good too.

Shop Nudie Jeans now! Click HERE for womens and HERE for mens.


Nudie Jeans, a Swedish denim brand,  has been ranking high for being fashion forward and staying true to the original design elements of denim jeans.  Surprisingly, Nudie Jeans has been marketing the men’s jeans so much that they forget how great the women’s jeans fit and look on everyday women! 

Denim Therapy Blog posted a feature on women’s Nudie Jeans with three different women wearing the jeans and explaining what they love about each pair.  The denim blog highlighted the Tight Long John Skinny Jean and Tube Kelly Jeans, both available on!   See the blog excerpt below featuring two women who explained why they love their Nudie Jeans!

Excerpt from Denim Therapy Blog’s “Not Just For Dudes: The Denim Therapy Girls Review Their Favorite Nudie Jeans” :

Francine’s Nudie Jeans: Tight Long John Skinny Jean. Available at DJPremium.

What was your first thought when you tried them on? I’ve always admired the Nudie’s on my husband but obviously he is not the only one that looks good in them.

Where/when would you wear these? I am going to wear them next time I go have brunch at Schiller’s in the LES and go for a stroll around the neighborhood.

How’s the fit? I love the fit. They are mid rise, skinny jeans…perfect combination for me. Wish back pockets were a tad smaller. The fabric has the right amount of stretch so they are very comfortable. Overall,very happy with my Nudie’s, they feel and look great.

Michelle Christina’s Nudie Jeans: Tube Kelly Jeans. Available at DJ Premium.

What was your first thought when you tried them on? Seriously, my first thought was “Omg, girls can wear Nudies!” …My second thought was, this wash is awesome, and they feel so good.

Where/when would you wear these? I wore them to all the trade shows I attended this summer/early fall—they’re super comfortable and they go with everything. I wore them with a lot of button-down tops and wedge heels. Throw a few metallic accessories on, and you’re good to go. I even wore them to a few after parties! I just changed up the accessories and top.

How’s the fit? Love it.

Check out the full blog post here.  Thanks for the shout out Denim Therapy, you guys rock!!

Source: Denim Therapy Blog


The people behind Nudie Jeans love the idea of transparency (if you couldn’t already tell by their name!). Nudie prides themselves in denim with an unparalleled barely-there feel that keeps customers coming for more.

Ready to take the second-skin challenge?

Check out the latest delivery for MEN and WOMEN

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